To unswervingly implement the new concept of development, adhere to the system concept, handle the development and emission reduction, global and local, short-term and long-term relationship, with overall green transformation of the economic and social development as the guide, with green low carbon energy development as key to speed up the formation of the industrial structure of the resource conservation and environmental protection, production mode, life style, space pattern,We will unswervingly follow the path of high-quality development that gives priority to ecology, green and low-carbon development.

———— General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the ninth Session of the Financial and Economic Commission of the CPC Central Committee

As the pace of green development continues to accelerate, developing clean energy and reducing carbon emissions has become a general consensus of the international community.China will play a positive role in developing itself as a major responsible country, demonstrate its positive attitude towards addressing climate change, and comprehensively promote green and low-carbon energy development.It is a major strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality as scheduled.

In order to implement general Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions on the strategic goal of carbon peak and carbon neutral, and actively promote Shanghai's major strategic layout of responding to new international changes, constructing a new development pattern and implementing new development concepts,2024 Shanghai International Carbon Neutral Technology, Products and Achievements Expo will open with great ceremony on June 5-8, 2024 at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

The energy transformation, energy saving efficiency and circular economy, the practice exploration, low-carbon transport, low-carbon service as a starting point, covering power, transportation, industry, new materials, construction, agriculture, negative carbon emissions, clean energy, low carbon life, circular economy, the carbon market transactions, information technology and digital, integrated solutions, and other fields,We will introduce institutions such as scientific research institutions, financial and insurance institutions, human resource services and legal consulting institutions, pay attention to the top-level design of the industry, explore the path of low-carbon development technology, lead scientific and technological innovation and industrial transformation, and understand the trend of green international investment in the future.

The exhibition will be guided by cutting into the pain points of the industry and launching the industry forward-looking, inviting enterprises from all relevant industries in the whole society to participate.It is committed to building an exchange platform for China to talk to the world, for businesses to talk to the government, for building social consensus on carbon neutrality at home and for telling the story of carbon neutrality to the outside world.

Welcome and look forward to your joining us, to seek green development, to create a low-carbon life, to the road of neutralization!