From the following areas:

  • Municipal Units

    Government,Institute of Design,Solid Waste Recycle Department,Environment Monitoring Station,Carbon Trade Market etc.

  • Scientific research

    Experts, scholars and students in key fields such as negative carbon emissions, clean energy, circular economy, information technology and digitalization

  • Energy

    Oil,Gas,Coal,Photovoltaic, Wind Power,Hydropower, Nuclear etc.

  • Industry

    Iron Steel,Nonferrous Metal,Petrochemical Engineering,Papermaking, Aviation etc.

  • Agriculture

    Livestock,Forestry,Farming Production and Processing

  • Construction

    Exploration,Development,Design, Materials,Construction,Real Estate, Management etc.

  • Logistics

    Highway,Railway,Airfreight, Shipping,Airport,Harbor, Irregular Carrier etc. Exploration,Development,Design, Materials,Construction,Real Estate, Management etc.

  • Service

    Finance Insurance, Agency, Trader, Software, Talent Recruitment Institution , Related Technology Facilitators , Legal Consulting Institution , Inspection Identification Institution etc.

From the following identities:

  • Government officials, enterprise executives, purchasing personnel, technical personnel, R&D personnel, marketing personnel, sales personnel, experts and scholars, industry analysts, media and then the public